What could be better than sculpting with textiles by rubbing wet warm wool with your hands? This is how I look for balance and growth. I combine wool with different materials, including fibres, wood, iron. During this process of combining, I make choices based on the contrasts of materials and how the shapes and colors merge.

From an early age, textile art forms have been a common thread in my life. That passion has been passed down from generation to generation in my family through the female branch. At school during the craft lessons I learned all kinds of techniques. One memory is still clear in my mind; Knit a long-sleeved poppet sweater with 4 needles. I still use different techniques in my work.
In 2015 I made a textile trip to Kyrgyzstan, where I learned old felt techniques. I took felt lessons and several workshops at Dutch Felt Academy. At Storing AUB I immersed myself in the artistic aspect, which has allowed me to develop my own style even more, namely making abstract textile sculptures in an organic form.
Working from the flat surface to 3D is a fascinating process. The creativity, the technique and a part of coincidence when forms arise spontaneously, give me pleasure in my work.


Yvon Velthuijsen

  Curriculum vitae:  
  2020-2023 Storing AUB traject 1, 2 en 3
  2021     Cursus Beeldtaal Marjolein van der Stoep
  2019                   Dutch Felt Academy Master
Workshop Marjolein Dallinga
Masterclass handpoppen Yaroslava Troynich
Masterclass prikvilten Atelier Anke
  2016-2017 Dutch Felt Academy
  2017-heden  Vakdocent Textiele werkvormen Vrije School De Zevenster Oldenzaal
  2007-2017 Vakdocent Textiele werkvormen Vrije School De Noorderkroon Enschede
  2007-2018  Workshops Temari
  2007 Handwerkopleiding Helicon